What is Market promotion?

Marketing promotion refers to a series of measures taken by enterprises to expand market share of products, increase sales volume and popularity of products, and transfer information about products or services to target consumers, so as to stimulate and strengthen their purchasing motivation, and promote such purchasing motivation to be converted into actual purchasing behavior. Marketing is not a well-known noun concept. It was not put forward by any scientist. Such as marketing public relations/marketing. Its emergence evolved from the development and progress of the market. It refers to the promotion and introduction of the performance and characteristics of a certain product to make consumers accept, approve and purchase it. It is a means and method of sales and marketing.

Some people also think that the concept of market promotion is literally understood: pushing means pushing and pulling. Guang means to advertise widely and sell widely. Promotion is the process of focusing, enlarging, communicating and persuading consumers to buy. It is how to use promotion means to achieve the goal of enterprise marketing. Effective marketing should include two elements: pushing force and pulling force. The thrust of marketing includes: the main thrust of customer channels, the driving force of terminal sites and the driving force of promotion. Tensions include: two elements of marketing promotion and service.

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