What is brand building?

BrandBuilding refers to the process or activity of giving a brand a certain orientation and putting it into action. Brand building is a systematic and long-term project. Brand awareness, reputation and loyalty are the core contents of brand building. Large enterprises can build their brands step by step through hype, advertisement bombing, large-scale public welfare and sponsorship with abundant financial and material resources, and stimulate and attract consumers’ purchase impulse by establishing brand advantages.

There are generally two criteria for the suitability of a culture for branding. First, this culture should be suitable for product characteristics. Products have their own characteristics, such as under what circumstances they are used and what benefits they can bring to consumers. Second, the culture should conform to the characteristics of the consumer groups in the target market. Brand culture should be sought from the consumer groups in the target market and acquired by fully examining their mentality and behavior. Only in this way can this brand culture be easily recognized by consumers in the target market and can brand strength be enhanced.

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